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Entitle your Pharmacy Business with MedExfi.

  • Simplified and Effortless Stock Management & Billing
  • Inventory Management according to Batch No 
  • Increase Your Revenues with Managing Your Customer
  • Competitive Data Analysis
  • Data-driven insights in Real-time
  • Integrated Backup & Restore tool.

Is your company digitally transformed? If not, then bring the change today for a better tomorrow as medical facilities are becoming more convenient than retail pharmacy stores in the current time. So businesses need to cope up with that by providing fast services to your customers by making your task easier so that you can reach out to the customers in a more convenient way through easy billing of bills with making e-invoicing, analyzing customer data & maintaining everything at one place.

The Best Way to Empower Your Medical Stores

Scale Your Business

Focus on managing your business in quite an efficient way with MedExfi, which offers multiple features to handle a growing amount of work or sales in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Increase Productivity

Be open to the potential of change that MedExfi brings with improving your business productivity and efficiency by changing the ratio of the amount of output in business.

Digitize Your Pharmacy

Manage your retail pharmacy operations smoothly by simplifying a wide range of activities like making e-bills, effective inventory management, apt order management, and much more.

With a diversified set of automatic technologies, MedExfi helps you out to be Cost-effective.

MedExfi is a robust software that helps in managing your bills accurately. Entitle your Pharmacy business with the best-customized and advanced features to get a long-term advantage with a short-term investment by decreasing the number of extra working and resulting in inefficient results.

An Advanced Billing Solution for Your Pharmacy Business

Manage real-time data and generate analytical reports that allow faster drug management and minimize errors.

MedExfi, apart from offering multiple advanced features, also helps in building stronger relationships with your customers.

Why choose us?

Imagine the Possibilities

Advance Features For Your Pharmacy Management System

GST Compliant

No more getting stuck with GST calculations as we provide you with apt software that solves your problem. MedExfi is a GST-compliant software that helps in generating GST-based Invoices with accuracy.

Billing & Sales

Now create your bills and let your sales scale rise with MedExfi as it offers you a platform to change your traditional way of carrying out your business activity of creating invoices and managing out your sales.

Purchase Management

Let’s create custom purchase bills to get a timely receipt of inventory stock with MedExfi, which helps you in managing your products to reach your goals and maximize your profit.

Data-Driven Timely Reports

Make better decisions with real-time informative reports that help you analyze your work and develop future forecasts to reach your goals. It determines business growth through insightful reports.

Stock Management

No one wants to reduce their customers due to a lack of stock management. MedExfi enables you to recognize your inventory stock to improve operational potency and coverage accuracy.

Batch & Expiry Management

Manage your sales by keeping track of batch numbers and corresponding expiry dates of drugs. With this, you ensure you don’t face any problem with expiry products and manage them without hassle.

Real-Time Pharmacy Billing Software

Now make your medical billing more efficient and hassle-free in just a few clicks with your own Pharmacy Software.

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