Exfi: A GST billing software for all types of business

Now make no mistakes in billing while calculating GST; our billing software Exfi helps you with your invoices, quotations, GST, inventory, and much more. We provide billing solutions for your organization according to your business needs.

Exfi fastens the process of accounting & invoicing with faultless calculations, and your bill will be ready to share in a couple of minutes. Compliant your product with necessary HSN/SAC codes by highlighting the product details in a matter of seconds with our software. 

Our software eradicates the problem of downloading heavy billing software packages in the system that can disrupt the speed as Exfi is a lightweight software solution with high performing speed that provides cloud backup to restore your data in the hour of need.

  • Analyze your data in the form of charts and graphs for economic analysis and make significant decisions for your company to scale up with the help of our dashboard.
  • Save time on finding out missing details and continue your work seamlessly by captivating every minute information such as GSTIN/HSN/SAC/taxes and a lot through our easy-to-use Exfi.
  • Don’t miss out on any opportunity of serving your customers and generating more business for your company due to the scarcity of stock. Get notifications whenever you are running out of inventory and close the deal.
  • We are available anytime and anywhere. You can use Exfi services 24*7 according to your needs and be secure at the same time.
  • Pay for one time and use the benefits lifetime; Check it out yourself by downloading the free version. To level up in your game, update our software at a minimal price.


We developed the features of this software by carefully analyzing your needs to match up to your requirements for seamless business operations. Each attribute will make your work less hectic and increase efficiency.

INTELLIGENCE DASHBOARD:- Manage everything in one place with our user-friendly advanced dashboard. Create invoices, check out sales, ascertain information about your purchases, get notified when you run out of stock, all at once on a single screen.

How can you use this dashboard to be more productive?

  • This software will update on its own without any manual work. So, whenever you add, delete or edit any information, Exfi amend the changes through its automated system.
  • Manage your organizational sales, purchases, quotations, invoices, accounting easily.
  • Our software will help your organization to get valuable insights by visualizing data in an analytical form so you can make effective decisions.
  • Filter the information and get specific details according to your needs to analyze a single component and use it for your company’s growth.
  • Obtain, analyze, and measure the performance by examining the reports and improve by focusing on key results areas that need your attention.
  • Summarize your billing information by keeping track of everything from invoices to tax rates and categories to brands.

COMPANY SETTINGS:- Edit settings according to your company, geolocation, contact details, and spare the hard work of manually entering information every time you make an invoice.

How can you use Company settings for saving time?

  • Each organization is different from one another; Exfi has enabled the option to edit it according to your needs, whether it is a simple detail like address or any specific information related to your company.
  • Our software helps you to mention details like LOGO, type of business, a customized prefix for invoices, bank details so that it is embedded automatically without any human effort.
  • We have also included the option of mentioning financial year details and other information like PAN number, TIN, GSTIN, etc.

CONTACTS:- Manage stakeholders of your organization and keep track of their information without missing out on any detail. Exfi helps you to communicate effectively with your leads, clients, customers, suppliers to build strong relationships.

How can you use Contacts to never miss out on any detail?

  • Clients:- Our sub-module Clients enable you to get hold of your existing clients or new clients that can help you get information about your customers/suppliers. Furnish yourself with every necessary detail like email, billing address, and much more. Search and filter about any client and update it according to the time.
  • Leads:- Turn your potential customers into loyal customers for growing your business with the help of our sub-module Leads. You can focus on these prospects with our software and generate more business for your organization by upgrading it to Clients as soon as you can.

ITEMS:- Exfi can keep track of any kind of product/service irrespective of their measurement unit so that you can get notifications whenever your business runs out of stock. We have built viable software according to the type of products or services your organization offers so you can enter the HSN code & GST tax rate accordingly.

How can you use ITEMS for operational efficiency & meeting customer requirements on time?

  • Products:- Keep an account of your orders, invoices, inventory to manage business activities. Know the number of products that are ready to sell or get informed about any stock that needs to order again by using this user-friendly software.
  • Brands:- Edit or update any information about the brand of products & services in a simple manner.
  • Categories:- List out the classification of every product or decategorize any item from the list and update it to a new one.
  • The Price Tag With Barcode:- You can use the barcode by transforming it into an image through our powerful export tool and manage your price tags.

INVOICES:- Create customized invoices and send them to your customers instantaneously. Our software includes the payment feature to pay your invoices, and you can also add up any detail like email or bank information according to your needs.

How can you use INVOICES to ease the billing process?

  • Sales Invoices:- Asking for payments from customers for the services rendered by your organization is now easy and customer-friendly with Exfi. Filter out the customer’s name, invoice number, date of purchase, and edit any information with a few keystrokes.
  • Credit/Debit notes:- Our software also includes credit/debit notes for the operational activities of your business. You can add, delete, export, edit any detail related to your credit or debit notes.
  • Purchases Invoices:- Do business with your vendor without any problem for seamless trading. You can get any detail regarding your vendor, such as quantity, price, contact information, all in one place.

QUOTATIONS:- A Quotation is used for furnishing your customers about your organizational terms of trade. You can mention the terms & conditions according to your business policies.

How can you use Quotations to generate more business?

  • You can create quotes according to your requirements to furnish the clients with the necessary information in a cost-effective manner.
  • It is useful for acquiring more customers that are relevant to your business and also gives you a competitive advantage.
  • It saves you time & money by increasing the efficiency & speeding up the commercial activity.

TAXES:- Taxes can sometimes go wrong and can adversely affect your operational costs. We have built the software according to the GST guidelines for a faultless process in calculating tax.

How can you use Taxes for an efficient billing system? 

  • Manage Taxes:- Exfi has made the process of calculating taxes effortlessly by adding features like editing tax rates, adding a new tax rate, disabling an existing one, or enabling a new one. 
  • GST HSN CODE/ Manage HSN:- Manage the HSN code according to your product and sum it up to every item by inserting necessary details like tax value, description, or delete if it is not required.
  • GST SAC CODE/ Manage SAC:- Manage the SAC code and validate the same according to your requirements and add any essential information like tax value, description, and much more or remove it if not needed.

REPORTS:– Exfi aims to increase the growth level by furnishing you with useful insights in an analytical structure through our report format so that you can use it as your competitive advantage.

How can you use Reports for your organizational growth?

  • We showcase you every past detail for your future growth by analyzing information related to stocks, invoices, sales, purchases, and everything your business needs for transformation.
  • Know the patterns, focus on key result areas by improving the weaker sections of your business, and amplify the process by pushing your strengths.
  • Exfi avails you everything in one place to inform you about relevant information, whether it is a stock report, summary report, invoice report, GST report, or an inventory report.

Our services don’t stop here; you can see our additional features for further simplification of your billing system:-

  • Financial Year Module:- You can add a financial year on our software and use it for your invoices, quotations, purchases, and everything else.
  • BACKUP DATA:- Always keep the details with yourself by saving it on the hard drive and using it whenever you want.
  • IMPORT DATA:- Import important information related to your stakeholders or the billing process from your system at high speed.
  • PRINT LAYOUT CONFIGURATIONS:- Customize your invoices according to your commercial activities by using our templates or default it to a single printer.