Exfi: A GST billing software for all types of business

Now make no mistakes in billing while calculating GST; our billing software Exfi helps you with your invoices, quotations, GST, inventory, and much more. We provide billing solutions for your organization according to your business needs.

Exfi fastens the process of accounting & invoicing with faultless calculations, and your bill will be ready to share in a couple of minutes. Compliant your product with necessary HSN/SAC codes by highlighting the product details in a matter of seconds with our software. 

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Exfi for Supermarket

A supermarket deals with a wide range of products from different categories. There are many brands of varied prices you will find in a supermarket. It becomes essential for a supermarket to have robust retail billing software that helps for efficient billing. Our versatile software Exfi helps to secure voluminous data with ease. The flexible features of Exfi allow you to modify it for the discount days. You can build your business strategies based on the actionable insights of Exfi. Your marketers can retain customers by suggesting them the products based on their past purchases information acquired from Exfi.

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Exfi for Retail Stores

A retail store has to handle numerous invoices every day. There is a burden to record the customer information and calculate billing accurately. You can apply the features of Exfi to save time and minimize operational costs. One of the crucial benefits is it helps to motivate employees to work effectively. You can retain your employees for a long time with the convenience of Exfi. Our software helps to manage multiple tasks like billing, invoices, inventory, taxes, and much more.

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