Exfi is the advanced billing software to help you with your invoices, quotations, inventory, taxes, and eases your business operations. It is compliant with full GST billings, SAC, and HSN codes.

Advance Modules

Fastens the process of billing & invoicing with the simplest & easiest GST Application.

Exfi is the simplest & easiest GST Application management tool that helps you to manage multiple companies, invoices, bills, and manage inventory as per the Goods and Service tax guidelines.

Now make no mistakes in billing while calculating GST; our billing application Exfi helps you with your invoices, quotations, GST, inventory, and much more. Exfi facilitates the working of multiple companies and allows you to log in to one and manage all of them.

Features that make Exfi billing software unique in comparison to other GST software:

  • Generate and manage GST Invoices as per the GST Standards.
  • Exfi supports multiple companies access to a single user.
  • Backing up and Restoring your multiple company files is very easy and uncomplicated with Exfi.
  • Add, validate, and manage HSN and SAC code by yourself and use it further for selected companies.
  • Switch between companies and manage your companies with customizable reports and dashboards
  • Secure login at the time of launch of application with username and password
  • Manage Stocks with Features like Stocks Running Out Notifications
  • Be alert whenever the stock is running out by enabling the Set Stocks Running Out Limit in the company setting menu.
  • Export all data in contacts, items, leads, invoice, purchase invoice, credit/debit note, and quotation. You can import contacts and items also.
  • Send emails of sales invoice and Quotation with attachment on the client’s email id.
  • Exfi allows clouding your automated cloud data to ensure the restoration of deleted data anytime.
  • Multiple prints are available for all – invoices, purchase invoices, credit/debit notes, and quotations.
  • You can print multiple barcodes with price tags. Barcodes can be regenerated for an item if required.
  • Export reports in CSV, XLS, PDF format.
  • Create Unlimited contacts, quotations, invoices, items, taxes, and many more.

Exif is a billing application with all the time-saving tools required for prolonged business growth: Exfi comes with unlimited data and 24/7 support and not to mention the security and reliability you’d expect from an advanced application. It provides robust additional tools that make changes to invoice and other reports as needed.

With Exfi fastens the process of accounting & invoicing with faultless calculations, and your bill will be ready to share in a couple of minutes. Compliant your products with necessary HSN/SAC codes by highlighting the produc0 details in a matter of seconds with our software. 

DASHBOARD: Manage everything in one place with our user-friendly advanced dashboard.

The intelligent dashboard previews crucial components of your business in a single place. Summarize your valuable data by keeping track of everything at once on a single screen and run your business seamlessly.

  • Data at a glance: You can view accurate information about your sales, contacts, and invoices on Dashboard. In these sections, you can view your total annual sales with the total paid and unpaid sales amount. Also, you can view Total no. of Contacts (customers/suppliers) and Total no. of generated invoices.
  • Stock running out notification: On dashboard, you will see a notification alert to let you know whenever you are running out of stocks, so you can stay up-to-date with your inventory.
  • Sales Value & Invoices/Quotations in Graphs: You can see an overview of the sales value, invoices, and quotations of your company and get valuable insights into your business performances in real-time through multiple graphs provided on the dashboard to drive accurate decision-making. 

  • Due Invoices: You can see the due invoices with invoice no., client name, total/due amount, and due date and to see all the invoices just click on the ‘see all’ button.
  • Total Leads: With the given pie-chart you can easily overview the total leads you have generated and also the total no. of leads you have converted into the clients month-wise.

Manage Company

Manage your companies according to your company details, geolocation, contact details, and spare the hard work of manually entering information every time you make an invoice. Add, view, edit, switch multiple companies without any complications.

  • Add Company: You can easily add a new company by filling in details like company name, email address, phone number, TIN, GSTIN, PAN, website, etc. You can also mention details like Type of business, a customized prefix for invoices, bank details so that it is embedded automatically without any human effort.
  • View Company: All the companies you have added can be seen at a time with details like company name, state, country, GSTIN number. You can also see the edit and delete option so you can easily edit company details and delete the company if you want to. 
  • Edit Company: You can update your company details at any time if you want to change. you can also add some details like the company logo and choose if you want to show the logo on invoices, etc.
  • Multiple Companies: You can Add multiple companies in a single account and with the help of the “Switch Company” option, you can easily switch between multiple companies and manage your business seamlessly.

All Contacts

Exfi Billing brings your customers, suppliers, and leads together on the same platform for greater end-to-end visibility and control. It captures, manages, and tracks the details of every customer and vendor interaction in a single place. This module handles two sub-modules: Contacts (Customers/Suppliers) & Leads to which you can easily manage with the available features.

CONTACTS:- You can add all the details of your customers/suppliers in the Contacts module. As customers/suppliers are crucial to any business, it is expedient to save their contact information so you don’t have to add all the details again and again. With customers/suppliers added you can create sales and purchase invoices at any time without any hassle.

  • Add Contact: You can add your contacts as customers or suppliers whichever you want just in a few steps. Now you can consolidate all the records and information in a central place.

      1. Click on the add contact button.
      2. Select the radio button for contact type as a customer or supplier.
      3. Make sure you have selected the correct contact type.
      4. Enter the contact name and display name, phone, and email (as personal information).
      5. Enter customer/supplier’s GSTIN, TIN, PAN, VAT, and D.L.No.
      6. Provide billing details like address, postal code, city, state, country.
      7. Select the checkbox if the shipping address is the same as the billing address, if not then add shipping details.
      8. Click Save to confirm adding a client.

  • View Contact: View all the customers or suppliers with details like billing address, email id, contact name, display name, type of contact, etc. you can also see some options like Contact visibility, edit/delete, filters, and import/export which you can use to analyze your details as per your needs.
  • Edit/Delete Contact: Managing contacts is necessary for any business. You can update your contacts (customer/supplier) details any time you want through the Edit option and you can also delete a particular contact that you no longer want to do business with the delete option. To Edit/delete Contact:

      1. Click on the edit option.
      2. Update any information that you want to do.
      3. Click the Save button to save the changes.
      4. Click on the delete option to delete the contact.
  • Filters: Multiple filters can be seen on the view contact section to ease your search of specific details. The basic filter allows you to view specific details while hiding some of them according to your selection. You can search for a contact (either customer or supplier) with its name, mobile number, email, city, and contact type from the view list of contacts and also can use the ‘Reset’ button to clear the selected filters. It eases the search of contacts.
  • Export/Import Contacts: In Exfi, you have the option to import your contact details to speed up the data collection process. This helps the process of data entry of a large number of contacts. The file that you import should be CSV encoded and you can also download the ‘Demo file’ available to fill in the details and import it. Similarly, you can export contact details in CSV format for your reference or other purposes.
  • Contact Visibility: You can manage the visibility of your contacts to be seen in the invoice sections as per your need by just clicking on the visibility option.

LEADS: A Lead or a Prospect is an individual or organization with an interest in what you are dealing with. You can add all the details of your Leads in the leads module and manage them without any hassle. Converting leads to loyal customers is what it takes to stay relevant in business and grow.

  • Add Leads: You can add details of your potential customers with some details like lead source, status, ratings for future reference.

      1. Click on the add new lead button to add a new lead.
      2. Enter the lead name and display name, phone, and mail address (as personal information).
      3. Enter GSTIN, TIN, PAN, VAT, and D.L.No. if available.
      4. Provide billing details like address, postal code, city, state, country.
      5. Check right if the shipping address is the same as the billing address, if not then add shipping details.
      6. Enter the lead source, status, industry, and rating.
      7. Click Save to confirm adding a lead.

  • View/Edit/Delete Leads: View all leads with details like lead name, display name, email, phone number, status, and type of contact. Edit a lead’s details any time you want through the edit option. You can also delete the leads with the delete option. To Edit/Delete Leads: 

      1. Click on the edit option.
      2. Update any information that you want to edit.
      3. Click the Save button to save the changes.   
      4. Click on the delete option to delete the lead.

  • Filters: You can ease-out the search of your potential customer with filters provided in the view lead section. The following filters available are name, mobile number, email, city, and country.
  • Export/Import Leads: With the Import/Export feature, you can export and import details of your potential customer’s in the lead section in a very small time. you can easily import a small and larger number of your leads data and view the available ‘Demo’ file to ease-out the import process. And you can also export the available data as easily in csv format.
  • Lead Visibility: You can change the visibility of the lead to be seen in the quotation section as per your requirements by just clicking on the visibility option.
  • Convert a Lead to a Customer:  You can convert your potential leads into a customer. You just have to click on the ‘Convert lead’ option and then click on the convert button on the open box, that’s it, you have successfully converted your lead into a customer without any hassle.


Item module is created according to your need so you can easily manage products or services your organization offers. Exfi organizes and keeps track of your product stocks without any hassle where measurement units are concerned. From boxes to kilograms, select as per the measurement requirements for your business. You can also manage HSN/SAC code & GST tax rate according to your requirement.

PRODUCTS/SERVICES:- Product/Services is a feature to manage your stocks/services. You can add/edit the products/services and manage all the details without any hassle. Here you can check out the quantity of the products available for sale and handle stock with features like Stocks running out notifications. In Exfi, you can also import and export all items at any time.

  • Add Products/Services: All the Products/Services can be added easily with the details like name, quantity, UOM, brand, category, etc. you can also add new brands, categories, and taxes by clicking on the given “+” icon above the fields.

      1. Click on the add products/services button.
      2. Generate a barcode for the product/service (Every time, a new barcode generates for a product). You can regenerate           a barcode if required.
      3. Enter the product name (must be unique) and product variant.
      4. Select the category, brand, and type for a product from the dropdown.
      5. Enter descriptions, select HSN code, and tax for the added product/service.
      6. Select * UoM (Unit of measurement) for a product like a box, gram, meter, etc.
      7. Enter selling price, purchase price, market price, and quantity for a product/service.
      8. Click on the Save button to add a product/service.

  • View/Edit/Delete Products/Services: View all Products with details like product/service name, type, category, UoM, brand, quantity, and price. You can also edit and delete the product/service by just clicking on the edit and dlete icon. To edit & delete product/service:

      1. Click on the edit icon.
      2. View details of the product/service in the form and enter your updated information which you want to change in the            particular fields.
      3. Click on the Save button to update details.
      4. Click on the delete option to delete the product/service.

  • Filters: Search out the information for a particular product/service whichever you want to search with our easy and advanced Filters. You can search products/services through their name, category, and brand. With the Reset button, you can clear-out the selected filters to start again if you want to.
  • Export/Import Products/Services: You have the option to import your large and small numbers of products/services. With the import option, you can ease out the process of adding products/services manually and save much more time to do your other works. Similarly, you can export all the details of products/services in CSV format from Exfi for your reference and whenever you want to.
  • Visibility of Products/Services: You can easily maintain the visibility of your products/services to be seen in the invoice sections as per your need by just clicking on the visibility option.

CATEGORIES:- Categories are the distinct classes of items in which the entity deals. You can add/edit the categories of your products/services and manage them to be added to the products/services easily. Categories can also be added directly at the time of add or edit products/services. Exfi users can enjoy the following features in the categories module:

      1. Add category with its description.
      2. Search out the categories with their serial number, category name, and status from the given search box.
      3. Edit and delete categories by clicking on the edit/delete icon.
      4. Active or Inactive the status of the categories to be seen in the products/services section.

BRAND:- All the Brands of products/services can be added/edited with details like name, description, and status. Brands can also be added directly at the time of add or edit products/services.  you can enjoy the following features in the brand module:

      1. Add brand with its description and statsuc.
      2. Search out the brands with their serial number, name, and status from the given search box.
      3. Edit and delete brands by clicking on the edit/delete icon.
      4. Active or Inactive the status of the brands to be seen in the products/services section.


Exfi updates itself for all your GST billing laws: It allows you to make invoices with the corresponding HSN codes for products or SAC codes for services. Along these, you can add the correct GST tax rates to your items to ensure faultless invoices. In Exfi, you can easily manage HSN code, SAC code, and Tax rates according to your requirements.

MANAGE TAXES:- Manage all your tax rates with ease. All the added tax rates can be used at the time of adding products/services and creating invoices without any hassle.

  • Add Tax: Add your tax in Exfi. You can add taxes as per your requirement with the tax rates (%). You can add all required taxes at a time and manage taxes at the time of creating invoices and products/services without any hassle.

      1. Enter tax name, tax percentage.
      2. Add a description
      3. Select Active or inactive tax status
      4. Click Save to add


View/Edit/Delete Tax- All the added tax rates are enabled to view at a time with all the details. You can update the tax name and rate by clicking on the edit icon. Editing a tax rate is the same as adding a Tax Rate. You can delete a particular tax that you no longer need by clicking on the delete icon.